Cheetah Technologies releases CheetahXD 5.0 Network Management Solution

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Upgraded Status and Performance Monitoring Software Now Available

PITTSBURGH- July 1st, 2013 - Cheetah Technologies has released CheetahXD 5.0, representing our latest iteration of status and performance monitoring application software for Cable HFC networks. CheetahXD 5.0 also offers our first outage analysis tool called the Outage Analyst LITE module. As the leading application software, capable of HMS compliant monitoring via DOCSIS communications, CheetahXD provides optical network, power supply and end of line monitoring from one platform.

Cheetah Technologies is also releasing its latest DOCSIS®-Based Transponder Firmware version 4.8.0 for 3349-based DOCSIS 2 transponder products. The updated version includes enhancements to several of our OEM partner devices and introduces the Key Performance Indicators feature utilized with CheetahXD 5.0 and the Outage Analyst LITE module.

CheetahXD 5.0 highlights a new user defined Dashboard that allows users to have a single, component style screen that puts all key data on one screen. This can be configured by each user to provide a one screen status of the network. In addition to the dashboard, CheetahXD offers KPI (Key Performance Index) scorecards that allow the operator to select a type of device monitoring, a key statistical metric, a time period (or event frequency) and a line/bar chart component. The KPI scorecards will then return the top ten (worst or best) devices for analysis. The idea behind this reporting is that continuing to work on the worst ten items has the greatest impact to any KPI improvement (Pareto Principle).

"CheetahXD 5.0 is significant for a number of reasons," said Steve Day, SVP of Sales and Marketing. "CheetahXD 5.0 represents a number of Industry milestones. It is the culmination of our work with Alpha technologies in development of the IDH4 transponder for the XM3 power supply, and our work with Multilink CMD-EM transponder for the Multilink EB1 power supply. It is the latest developments on our programs with Arris Opti Max, Cisco GS7000, Harmonic Outdoor Hub, and Motorola SG4000 product lines."

Visit the CheetahXD Product Page to learn more!

About Cheetah Technologies Cheetah Technologies LP is a carrier class, systems management solutions developer supplying “quality of service” management systems to broadband network providers and “quality of experience” management systems to video service providers. Cheetah corporate offices are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheetah sells products and services globally, and enjoys partnerships with many of the major broadband technology corporations throughout the World.

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